Snow Flake Vinyl Wall Decal

Snow Flake Vinyl Wall Decal

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Spice up your living room with snowflake vinyl in your homes color scheme. 

If you do not like any of the color combinations, please order and send us a message specifying your color preferences! We have an unlimited color gamut for you to choose from.

All decals are handmade with high quality vinyl that can be washed. Easily applied and removable with long lasting material. Decals can be applied to most smooth surfaces like walls, mirrors, sealed wood and more. The decals look like paint once applied on the wall. All orders are packaged with directions for self application.

NOTE: Decals will not stick to brick, highly textured walls, wet paint, freshly painted walls or dirty walls (dirt, grease, grime). Decals can be applied to painted cinder block. For interior use, the decals will last 10-20 years and for exterior use 5-7 years. Once removed, the decals cannot be re-applied. After removed, decals could peel top layer of paper off of sheetrock. If there is adhesive after removing, use a general citrus household cleaner to clean walls.

IMPORTANT: Will not issue a refund for self applied decals.

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