We break up our services into four different "steps" that all work together to promote you or your business in the most effective way possible.


Step 1:

Brand Design

Step 2:

Online Presence

Step 3:

Print & Signage

Step 4:




Brand Development

BUilding your brand is...

one of the most powerful aspects of your business.  Identification, emotion, personality, and experience should be accurately conveyed. Developing, implementing, and consistently utilizing your brand is the first step to future success.  This is why we take the time to learn about you and your business before we do anything else.  Whether you already have a solid design or not, we will be on constant alert that it is up to date with trends and styles to help you look your best!


Graphic Design

Here at Mondo we do not cookie cutter graphic design.  We sit down and brainstorm what is good for you and your business until we are both satisfied. 



Our photography focuses on the science, conviction, application, and art of creating elegant images.  We specialize in capturing candid moments and professional shots. 

Video Production

Mondo helps tell a story that tailors to the vision of your company through video production.  Videos help create more organic traffic and reach a large audience. 



Online Presence

We work with you...

to personalize an online presence that is designed to boost sales, exposure, and ultimately reach your vision.  No matter if you are looking to boost revenue on an online store, build client portals, promote services, or even create a CV page with your resume… We are there for you from start to finish.



Web design should adhere to the users preferences and actions no matter the screen size or device type.  Responsiveness is an important quality that we implement to ensure your website is top notch and user friendly.  

Secure & Scalable

Having a secure website is important, particularly when building an online store that accepts credit card transactions.  Mondo is mindful of the security needed and will ensure you and your customers are protected with industry standard encryption.

Speed & Optimization

Any website can attract viewers, however, slow performance will prevent users from coming back.  We continuously run speed tests to ensure the speed of your website is optimal and efficient using the fastest CDNs in the industry.



Social Media

allow us to . . .

manage your social media accounts to help create brand recognition and increase organic web traffic.  Your website by itself is an undelivered newspaper.  Utilizing effective online presence is key to ensuring your brand and website works for you.



Brand Recognition

Powerful brands can be recognized universally with little knowledge about the business itself.  We focus on reaching your target audience and increasing brand recognition through powerful social media marketing.

Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic through social media allows your company to gain more leads and new customers.  Boosting website traffic is one of our main goals.  To ensure results, we review the analytics on a monthly basis with our clients.

maximum exposure

Many customers are interacting with companies through social media on a daily basis.  Using photography, videos, and riding the viral trends of the internet will ensure you or your business gets maximum exposure.


Printing & Signage

Visual advertisements are...

just as important as any other marketing.  When designed properly they may even outperform all other marketing tactics.  We utilize everything from business cards, store-front signage, vehicle wraps, and printed mailers to drive organic traffic to your website or brick and mortar store to ultimately increase revenue. Read This!


Wide Format

Need a vehicle wrap, banner, wall mural, or billboard?  We have a full in-house print fabrication shop.  With eco-solvent, water base, and UV curable inks there is not limit to what we can provide.  You name it, we will create it.


Business cards, postcards, envelopes, flyers, etc.  Nothing is too small or large for us.  With a world crammed full of printers, we will make it our mission to create something that no one else has seen before!


Bring us your personal ideas and designs.  Fine artwork, kids school paintings, home projects or any other ideas you may have. Whatever it may be, we can print it, route it, apply it and install it to create something unique.


Information Technology

From regular computer maintenance...

and updates to full enterprise environments, we know how to not only make your technology work properly but consolidate them into your business processes. This creates an environment that utilizes technology to boost sales and lower overhead.


affordable it department- NEW!

For just $5 per computer you can have your own 24/7/365 live remote IT support agent that actively monitors your computer for malware, viruses, updates, and performance.  Never worry about computer problems again!  Stop buying overpriced anti-virus programs that eat your system's resources and still require a computer technician to remove problems from quarantine and clean your computer anyway.  Feel safer and save money with real in house IT personnel for home or your office! 



From full sized networks to your home wifi system.  We can make sure your network stays up and working at its best.  We are CNCI and insured technicians to ensure your network has the latest technology and is installed to local construction code requirements.

Software as a service

There are a millions of online services that all claim to be the best when providing finance solutions, CRMs, email, cloud storage, etc.  We spend countless hours researching these services and trying them out.  Let us help you choose the right one!  


Need a router?  Computer?  WiFi hotspot? A point of sale system?  We know exactly what types of systems you need for your unique purpose and can even build a custom solution for you if necessary.



Most support issues can be resolved in just a few minutes with our remote tech service.  Anything from virus removal to data loss, reach out to us. If we cannot solve the issue you pay $0.

Schedule Here.


Sometimes issues require on site support.  We come to you for larger applications such as printers, scanners, servers, network connectivity, and POS systems.


Larger companies have massive information systems that are distributed over large geographical areas.  Nothing is too large for Mondo.  We have the ability to assemble large and small teams to achieve whatever you need.