How to Increase Traffic on Your Website


So you have a product, check.  You have an awesome website, check.  You have NO customers and traffic on the awesome website, not check.

Let's get those customers to your website!

Whether you have an online store, an informational website or a blog, here are some simple tips for increasing your website traffic.


  • Like/Share Competitor Products - You want to get more sales, so why would you help out someone else?  Well, if a potential customer lands on a competing page and sees that you like it and have similar products, they may be drawn to your website because they prefer your products.  The more pages and posts that you like and share, the more likely customers are to see your products because they are everywhere. 
  • Mobile Site - The ease of searching on your phone has increased mobile searches and website views.  Without a great mobile site, customers will be turned away.  An easy to read and use mobile ready website will keep customers engaged which can result in a sale.  In fact, studies have shown that almost 30% of mobile searches are converted to sales.

Now you know some basics for drawing more customers to your webpage.  After all who doesn't want more customers.

What's Next?

Does any of this sound like something you can do?  Need help or assistance?  Good thing we can help you!  Contact us at, and let's increase those sales.  We can hear the sales now, cha-ching!