What a Day in the Office Looks Like


A day in the office (...our car) at Mondo is never the same. Being so versatile with our expertise, we meet with clients regarding each of our services while also completing current customers projects in the same day. For example our owner's schedule yesterday looked like this.


Calendar According To Google

9am - 11am: Answering emails, making phone calls, responding to customers needs

11am - 1pm: Meeting with customers to finalize details on email migration (one of our technology services)

1pm - 4pm: Designing and completing print jobs for current and future customers (some of our printing and signage work)

4pm - 7pm: Discussing opportunities for online presence, such as social media, website design, and branding with current clients (some of our online presence services)

7pm - 11pm: Servicing computer and technology that cannot be completed during normal business hours (technology service)

11pm - 6am: Dreams of loading bars and low ink messages (literally)


Keeping it real all day, every day. Hire us for all your front end and back end business needs before our dreams of loading bars become your reality.

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