Sign Failures - What Not To Do


Signs are everywhere. We are exposed to 6500 signs and ads a day. FedEx Office did a survey in 2015 measuring the significance of signage and how it can increase or decrease customer traffic. Make sure your signs isn't a failure.  In the FedEx Office survey, they found that 67 percent of consumers were drawn to buy a product simply because of their signage, 76 percent of consumers visited a store they had never been to as a result of the signage, and  50 percent of people will not enter a business if there is poor signage like misspelled words, small text, inaccurate labeling, etc.  Do not lose 50 percent of  your customers for these silly reasons.

Biggest Sign Failures

Spelling Errors:

Make sure multiple people are checking the spelling before completing the project.


Incorrect Assembly:

Air bubbles can show up on occasion. Take a sharp edge, like an exacto knife, to pop the bubbles. Poke a small hole in the bubble and push all the air out toward the hole. The sun will also help remove these bubbles.


Incorrect Directions:

If your sign is double sided make sure to change the arrows. It is easy to reverse the picture and forget to change the arrow direction.


Missing Signage:

Have you moved recently? Make sure people can find you. It is important to have signage on all doors to direct your customers to the correct place.


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