Building Your First Website? Here Are 7 Key Elements You Should Consider First


Building your first website can be challenging and stressful.  There are many avenues to take.  So before you start it is important to recognize a few key elements:

Your time is valuable and crucial to your business.
  • The first step is to determine if your time is better spent on your business operations or on building your website.
Your expertise in website design.
  • Do you know what platforms are available for you to utilize? (,, Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce)
  • Do you know how to effectively use the platform?
  • What is your extent of knowledge on SEO, coding, etc.
  • How long will it take you to learn.
Knowing your audience and target market.
  • Knowing your target market and audience will help you create the correct layout and content.  Know what your audience wants to see, how to help them, and what benefits they will receive from what you have to offer.
The incorporation of social media platforms.
  • Not all business' benefit from every social media platform.  Knowing what works for your industry is imperative to developing the content on your website.  Be sure to research what is best for your company.
Is it eCommerce or informational?
  • The purpose of your website is important to know.  If you are trying to sell products or services, your mission will be different than if you are making if for strictly information purposes.  When potential customers reach your website, what do you want them to do?  Buy? Read? Comment? Chat?  This will help you direct your customers to utilize your website correctly and effectively.
Choosing your Domain
  • Make sure you own your domain and it relates to your business so customers can find you easily.
Mobile Friendliness
  • Your websites ability to render on mobile devices, from tablets to cellphones and laptops.  In 2014 more websites were viewed on mobile devices than desktop computers.  Make sure your website is mobile optimized!


After viewing these key elements, weigh the pros and cons of taking the time to develop a website of your own.  There are many professionals that can build your website in no time.  They can tailor it to your needs, allowing you to maintain focus on running your own business. Contact us today to schedule a meeting about launching your new website!