A History of Printing


Printing has come a long way over the years. From the printing press to digital imaging, we cover a brief history of how it evolved!

Click File, Click Print-The History of Printing

Printing didn’t always used to be as easy as hitting the print button on your computer.  The beginnings of printing started with the printing press.  Each letter was laid out on the press to create a word or phrase.  It was then inked and pressed onto the paper, sentence by sentence.  Needless to say it was not very quick and resulted in very few print materials. As a result of this, very few people had access to any printed material.

Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized this process by using a different metal that allowed for multiple uses of the block before having to throw it away.  Because of this new process, printing became more affordable and quickly spread among Europe.  Thus allowing those who would never have had the chance to gather information, to do so.

As printing grew, the process changed and the press became a machine with ink rollers.  Due to this new process, there was more mass production of products like newspapers and other books.  By the early 1900’s, printing was a well-oiled machine and everyone had access to the information provided in materials such as newspapers and magazines.

Nowadays, we don’t have to have a printing press; we can print and create our own documents in the convenience of our home.  With a few simple clicks, we can print a whole book or newspaper.  We now rely on the businesses and machines to create our big printing material.  To imagine going from manually placing each letter block and pressing it, to clicking here and there and printing a billboard size graphic that people can see for miles, almost seems impossible!

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