411 On Decal Application


Your design is finalized and material is ready… now only needs to be installed. The easy part, right? Not as easy as it may seem. What if it's crooked, has bubbles, gets scratched? Heres some tips to install your print or deal correctly without paying for it twice.


Step one:

Make sure to clean your surface, no matter how clean it may look or seem, it needs cleaned again. Alcohol and soapy water work very well to remove dirt, oils, etc.

Step Two:

Position your print or decal to your liking. Make sure to measure if there is space on the outsides to ensure it is straight. Tape your decal in the middle at the top and bottom for large decals, tape along one side for small decals. The tape will act as a hinge.

Step Three:

Fold the graphic back against the”hinge” (tape) and peel the backing sheet off. If you are working with a large decal, cut the backing off close to your tape hinge. Hold the decal gently off the surface making sure your tape hinge stays down. Double check the surface to make sure the backing didn’t have dirt on it that stuck to your surface.

Step Four:

Use a squeegee, credit card, or similar item to apply your decal. (Note: If your graphic does not have application tape on the top make sure to put a towel over your credit card or squeegee to ensure you do not scratch your print.) Start at the tape hinge in the center and work outward towards the edges of your decal. Use small V shaped strokes as shown by the arrows to the left.

Step Five:

Remove application tape if your graphic has it (prints may not have application tape). Peel back at 180 degree angle slowly. If your graphic starts to lift off, lay it back down and firmly squeegee over it again. Finish by removing the application tape.

Step Six:

If there are air small air bubbles after removing the tape, puncture the bubble with a fine point (knife, needle, etc). Pock small hole in one end of the bubble and push the air towards the hole.

Let us know if this was helpful! What else can we help we help with?